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Name: Jacquelyne L. Mack

Birthday: October 22nd

Birthplace: Our Nation’s Capital

College: Florida Junior College, Old Dominion U, Columbia U & Georgia College and State U

Majors: Dental Hygiene, Dental Hygiene Education & Public Administration

Favorite Food: Grilled Lime Shrimp

Favorite City: There’s no place like home

Favorite Quote: “I don’t care what you want to be in life, just be the best and make sure it’s legal”    My Mom

Welcome, dental hygiene students!!

We are glad that you chose FSCJ for your dental hygiene education. You may have thought that the hard part was over when you received your acceptance letter. I’m afraid that you were sadly mistaken. Prepare for the most challenging year and a half of your life. Study constantly, preferably with a group, and work hard. The faculty are here to help, so be sure to ask for assistance when you need it. Good luck!